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Being buried alive....

Just muttering those words makes my skin crawl. My entire life I have dared to push myself. Not for anyone but ME. While my stunts from time to time are extreme and uncomfortable for some, I know that YOU understand that everyone needs to be themselves. I struggle with not feeling alive. It’s moments that my comfort zone are challenged that I’m reminded that I am very much here and living. Saturday at 1pm eastern time. I will be buried under nearly 20,000 pounds of sand in a box for 24 hours. This reaches my highest level of anxiety. I’ve always struggled with small spaces and not feeling in control. Knowing that I’ll be stepping into a box and the sand will slowly fill in around me gives me immense anxiety. So why do it ? Because it’s who I am. I love to be afraid, I love the unknown and I’m a bad ass! Chances are many of you will denounce me for this stunt as the risks are obvious. For that I am sorry, but I need to be ME. For years I’ve watched YouTube clips of the greats pushing limits. This isn’t an original stunt by any stretch. It’s been done, but I haven’t done it. For me this is about taking the ultimate leap and challenging myself. I want to be clear. I have professionals all around me. From my amazing legal team, to paramedics and doctors that will be on hand the duration. From police and fire, excavators and engineers, I will be in good hands. If I don’t feel comfortable doing this. I have NO problem backing out. I will not put ego & pride above my family and life. But you bet your ass if I feel it’s safe. I will for sure lock myself in that box and overcome my fear. Thank you all. More to come.

Saturday 1pm - Sunday 1pm Hopkinton state fair Hopkinton NH. Come support me there ❤️


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