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Can’t believe I’m writing this 🤯.

What I am about to say is 100% the truth and there is no turning back. Tomorrow morning our home town of Laconia,NH will host the Ironman triathlon. Last night Ryan & I signed up to race. We have trained ZERO for this event. It is a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, then to finish it off a 13.1 mile run! We have prepared ZERO, I mean ZERO for this. So why are we doing it? Well it’s not to win, that’s for damn sure. But if we can complete this task in under 7 hours it would be incredible. Considering neither of us have swam further than 100 yards in our life, and there will be 1500+ athletes in the water competing for real estate. Neither of us have ever ridden road bikes. We were lucky to have Goodales Bike shop lend us over $25,000 in bikes/gear to do this. Neither of us have ever ran more than 6 miles. Ever. We haven’t paid attention to nutrition and we have no knowledge of how our body’s will handle this stress. All that being said, I wanted to do this for ME. I love to show people that trying new things, making bold steps are possible. Am I in great shape? Yes. But this is a completely different animal. Athletes train hard and for years to master this. If we can even finish, albeit hours behind the pro’s, I would consider this a HUGE victory. We are going to be fucked up from this but in the spirit of raising awareness for mental health and inspiring those who have fears to try new things, we will give it our all. We hit the water tomorrow at 7am and we will have someone from our team updating on here all day how we are holding up. It is incredibly rare someone tried an Ironman with ZERO training. Wish us luck, support us from afar and we will keep your energy in our souls to power us through this insane idea.


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